We're a technology-focussed company using AI and automation to create instant business value.

Headline Who we are

Our purpose is to implement AI and emerging technologies to improve business processes and performance. We formed in July 2018 - bringing together a wealth of technical and industry experience.

Headline Observations


AI is largely misunderstood by businesses in terms of what it is and its true impact that it can have on them.


The correct application of AI can help businesses better achieve thier corporate goals and objectives.


AI is a tool and strategic partnerships are key to its utilization to best effect helping to maximize benefits.

Headline Our Technology
voice and chatbots

Coversational chatbots bringing simplicity of access for everyone.

As the most widely used interface, our chatbot provides users with a familiar experience that uses both your voice and messaging to make your service instantly accessible and always available.


Data is the lifeblood of AI.

AI solutions need data to learn and to improve. We help businesses to leverage and grow their datasets to build and train bespoke deep-learning algorithms.


Predicting the future

Leveraging Big Data and complex models are important factors but Elective can ensure the application of the right algorithm for the desired outcome.


AI does not work in isolation

Implementation of AI with business should be seen as a form of Digital Transformation. The people and processes interacting with the tool are just as important as the tool itself.

Headline Our Team


Our Team

With over 15 years’ experience in web and software Gareth has previously developed the architecture for two successful online recruitment platforms. He’s passionate about developing, and progressing internet technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Voice Commerce, Voice Biometrics and Blockchain.

Our Team

An experienced Commercial Director, having built and led a series of tech-led organisations. With 15 years in finance, followed by 5 years developing & launching Blockchain and Machine Learning businesses and products, Ben is focused on our Clients, our Product and delivering on our potential.

Our Team

Having held key leadership positions at Fedex across Europe and Dubai, Paul is an expert in leadership and business development, as well as being involved M&A project worldwide. Today, Paul has been an Entrepreneur and hands-on Investor, involved in a number of early stage tech businesses.

Our Team

An accomplished Director with 15+ years’ experience working across sectors including technology, travel, financial and pharmaceutical. Focusing on digital technology solutions and operational optimisation, to drive digital transformation projects that increase value to global organisations and inspire excellence.

Headline Our Team


Our Team

Experienced developer with over 10 years’ experience in the online software industry. Keen interest in AI and machine learning technologies. Regular attendee and speaker at developer conferences around the world. Highly motivated and team leader which will bring the project to fruition.

Our Team

Highly skilled senior developer with over 10 years experience. Proficient in a multitude of technologies as well as having experience in developing recruitment software. Expert in developing software for large scale growth. Highly motivated and keen to develop new skills in machine learning and biometrics.

Our Team

Software developer with over 8 years’ experience in online software. Has developed and supported two large recruitment platforms and developed multiple integrations in the ecommerce industry. Built hundreds of websites whilst working in an agency role.

Our Team

An enthusiastic developer who's experience spans a plethora of technologies in a variety of industries, including healthcare, SaaS and Finance. Responsibilities span from architecting scalable infrastructure to writing the code that runs on them.

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Great companies don't just have the top people. They also have the best technology and the best processes.